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Shanghai Online

What is Expo Online?

Expo Online, officially known as Expo Shanghai Online, is an integral part of World Expo 2010. It functions as the introductory channel, extension and supplement of the real Expo, in the form of a website combining 3D exhibitions, events and interactions.

Expo Online will present a virtual park corresponding to the 5.28 sq km-Expo site of the real Expo 2010, and virtual pavilions and exhibitions of all participants corresponding to their physical counterparts. To be brief, Expo Online is the online edition of the physical World Expo 2010 Shanghai China.

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What is Online Pavilion?

Online Pavilion is the online representation of the Participant's physical pavilion, and is categorized by function into two types, the Browsing Pavilion and the Experiencing Pavilion. Participants can choose either of them.

The Browsing Pavilion fits the basic needs of a 3D virtual exhibition, by basically replicating on the internet the appearance and interior of the physical pavilion, as well as the real exhibited items, in the form of text, picture, audio, video and animation, etc.

The Browsing Pavilion is built and provided free of charge by the Organizer on the basis of the content materials offered by the Participant.

The Experiencing Pavilion is designed to increase and enhance the functions of the Browsing Pavilion by individualizing more diverse exhibited effects and interactions. Participants can also develop virtual space and virtual exhibits that are physically inexistent.

The Experiencing Pavilion is built by the Participant itself. Upon completion it should be handed over to the Organizer, who is responsible for integration, operation and maintenance.

(Please refer to 2.2 "Participants" main rights and duties" for more related details.)

How does Expo Online differ from the official Expo website?

Expo websites of the Organizer (www.expo2010china.com) and the Participants are information portals of their presence at Expo 2010, basically aiming to collect and disseminate various kinds of information about the exhibitions and events.

Expo Shanghai Online in contrast, is the virtual gateway to World Expo 2010 Shanghai China, and provides online users primarily with experience of virtual tour around the Expo site and pavilions, as well as functions of promotion, tour guide and education.

Functions such as virtual navigation, 3D virtual exhibition and interactive technology may be available also at some official Expo websites. However, with focus on their own pavilion and exhibition, such online presentation is localized to just a very small part of the Expo 2010, making it difficult for online users to have a panoramic view and comprehensive understanding of the world exposition.

For Participants of the Experiencing Pavilion, a hyperlink to its own official Expo website will be provided.

How can participants benefit from joining Expo Online?

Expo Online can provide an alternative way of experiencing World Expo 2010, especially for those who cannot visit Shanghai personally in 2010.

An unprecedented combination of World Expo, the Internet and virtual technologies, as well as the functions of tour guide and recommendation, will make it more attractive and convenient for visitors to come to the real Expo site to spend a good time.

As a heavily interactive online platform, Expo Online will facilitate exchange of different cultures and help create a global dialogue around the theme of World Expo.

The procedures of participation are simple and clear; technologies used to develop and construct are easy and operable; and with much less than what you have to spend for your physical exhibition, an online showcase equally wonderful can be expected.

Participants can extend and expand their Expo themes, and can exhibit and promote themselves in a much larger dimension.

Efforts of all Participants can be sustained after the closing of Expo 2010, and can be permanently accessible on the Internet. Expo 2010 is going to become the first everlasting World Expo in its history.

Coupling and interacting with the Internet to increase participation of the international public, is tomorrow's send of World Expo. For organizers of the future World Expos, participation in Expo Shanghai Online will be worthwhile experiment and exploration.

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